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With the summer over, it’s time to welcome Autumn. Pumpkin spice, a distinct chill in the air and the lingering spooky season. Is there any wonder why, for most, it is the best season of the year?  

There’s no doubt that the best part of the fall is the makeup trends. We think of extravagant, special effects makeup paired with an elaborate costume or fiery colored eyeshadow when we think of Halloween makeup. But have you heard? Dark tones are in, and we are here for it. 

A good, wearable autumn makeup look with a witchy edge can be a subtle nod to your spooky side that is appropriate for a day in the office or a night out dancing. 

Below, we have the perfect black smokey eye to match your favorite jumper whilst pumpkin picking, or you can pair it with a vampy lip to take this black eyeshadow look from day to night. 

The following matte black eyeshadow tutorial by Illamasqua Head Makeup Artist Mel Barrese breaks down how to do black eyeshadow and rock the ultimate autumn makeup with a witchy vibe.

This black eyeshadow look is all about blending together eyeshadow and pencil eyeliner with no harsh lines. For this look, you will need: 

  • SKIN BASE FOUNDATION – Our best-selling formula. Lightweight and easily blendable for a soft and smooth complexion and matte finish. 
  • SKIN BASE CONCEALER PEN – A concealer pen for high coverage and a matte finish, perfect for any base makeup. 
  • SKIN BASE PRESSED POWDER – Blur imperfections and set your makeup.  
  • LOOSE POWDER –  Perfect to set makeup and achieve the ultimate finish  
  • COLOURING EYE PENCIL (S.O.P.H.I.E) – Pencil-point definition and a color payoff like no other.  
  • ELEMENTAL ARTISTRY PALETTE – 12 highly-pigmented eyeshadows, universally flattering to all skin tones to create the perfect black smokey eye 
  • MASQUARA RAVEN – ultra-glossy and volumizing mascara for an intense jet-black finish. 
  • INFINITE MASQUARA – Maximum length and definition in a rich black finish
  • FALSE EYELASHES VISAGE – handmade and cruelty-free, these false lashes will give you a glamorous flutter. 
  • BLENDER BRUSH – a multi-purpose brush with ultra-soft bristles – a makeup bag essential. 
  • SMUDGE BRUSH – a small and round brush to smudge out pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow.



To create this black eyeshadow look, apply a thin layer of either Skin Base Foundation or Skin Base Concealer Pen on your eyelids to minimize redness and the appearance of veins. Set with Loose Powder or Skin Base Pressed Powder to create a smooth, even base.  


Witchy eyeshadow look Using Colouring Eye Pencil in the shade S.O.P.H.I.E, a jet-black eye pencil, stay as close to the root of the lash as possible, apply all around the eye (this doesn’t need to be neat).  

This step will give us a base of color to build a matte black eyeshadow and create dark intensity around your lashes.  

This technique should be done on both the top and bottom of the eye, creating a rounded shape that is slightly pulling out at the outer corners of the eye. 

Apply along the waterline. Repeat this on the other eye. 


Witchy eye makeup tutorialUsing the Elemental Artistry Palette, take a Blending Brush and apply the dark brown matte shade, Eponine. 

Use patting motions and apply across the lid up to the crease, creating an opaque, rich color.  

Then, using a Smudge Brush, with backward and forward motions, blend the brown shade upwards so you can see it very slightly above the crease.  

Apply the same brown shade underneath the eye on top of the pencil and blend backwards and forwards to create a soft, diffused look. 

Using the same palette and the Blender Brush, add warmth by mixing shades Tranio and Tosca – but build up the intensity to suit your skin tone.  

The warm shades need to be applied above the lid and the brown eyeshadow that’s just been used: then, do more blending. Leave the area just underneath the brow free of any product. 


Black eyeshadow look

Curl your lashes and apply Masquara Raven or Infinite Masquara to both your top and bottom lashes. Apply a few coats to create a full and voluminous lash. 


To finish, use shade Elphaba, a black eyeshadow in the Elemental Artistry Palette, and apply on the lids to the roots of the lashes and blend into the brown shade to create a black smokey eye effect. 

Apply some Skin Base Concealer Pen to freshen the undereye area and apply more S.O.P.H.I.E in the waterline.  

To amp up the look and take it from day to night, apply False Lashes in Visage. 

 autumn makeup look

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Ana Joyking

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