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The autumn and winter months are the perfect time to experiment with darker makeup as the weather gets moodier and the days are shorter. Every fall, dark lipstick, eyeshadow and fashion emerges, and there’s no wonder why. A bolder, darker look inspired by vampiric entities is not only a glamourous way to change up your makeup routine but leaves you feeling sensual and empowered.  

But don’t be fooled; despite the name, vampy lips are not just an extreme look for Halloween, though this works perfectly. Vampy lips is the result of applying rich, dark lipstick for any occasion. To many, sporting darker hues like burgundy or dark red lipstick can be intimidating.  

If you’re new to wearing dark lipstick, the trick to rocking vampy lips is to avoid going overboard with your entire face makeup. A soft complexion and subtle makeup draw focus to your dark lips, balancing out the darker tones and allowing you to get used to the dark lipstick. However, creating a smoky eye to match your vampy lips will make a statement for the ultimate glamour.  

Have you found yourself searching: how to apply red lipstick? In this burgundy/red lipstick makeup tutorial, Illamasqua Head Makeup Artist Mel Barrese breaks down her top tips for the perfect vampy lips. Add a sultry edge to your look or the missing piece to your Halloween theme.

Vampy lips are all about creating a bold, dark lipstick look to pair with subtle face makeup or a full-on smoky eye. You will need the following lip products, but feel free to choose the shade based on your personal preference and what you’re most likely to wear: 



Like any other step in your makeup routine, prepping the skin is essential. Apply a lip balm. Lip balm nourishes your lips, leaving them feeling soft. Apply this at the start of your makeup routine to allow it to hydrate your lips and once you have completed your face, remove any excess lip product and make sure the lips are completely dry. 


Next, add a small amount of our Skin Base Concealer Pen to the back of your hand. Take our Round Concealer Brush and apply concealer to the outer edges of your lips using small brush strokes. Do not go overboard with how much concealer you apply, keep it minimal. 


The tricky part of applying dark lipstick is mistakes are noticeable so clean edges are essential. Add product to our Lip Brush using our Antimatter Lipstick in shade Midnight (you can use a red liquid lipstick if preferred). Line the lips as clean as possible (you can correct any mistakes with a cotton bud). Then apply across the lips, using either a lip brush or straight from the bullet for maximum color payoff.   

Blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess product.    


If you have applied a burgundy or dark red lipstick to vampy lips skip this step. However, if you’ve picked a deeper, purple or brown shade, this step will take your look to the next level with immediate dimension. 

Next, taking Colouring Eye Pencil in the shade S.O.P.H.I.E and line your lips on top of your lipstick.  

When lining your lips, look straight into the mirror and start at the cupid’s bow. Use concise movements and gradually move around your lips, sticking to the outside.  

This will allow you to blend out to add a dark contrast, signature to vampy lips.  

Press the lips together to blend the two colors to create a dark lipstick finish. If this doesn’t do the trick, use a Blender Brush and defuse.  

Apply more red lipstick if you feel it’s too dark. 


Finally, set the lips. Using our Loose Powder with a clean Blender brush, apply a small amount of product across the lips to set. Brush away any excess powder. 

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