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You’ve heard it here first: our first-ever setting spray has launched. A highly requested product, our NEW Hydra Setting Spray is soon to be a makeup kit essential due to its super-staying power, hydrating properties and dewy finish.  

A non-sticky formula, our NEW Hydra Setting Spray is a lightweight mist that locks in makeup for flawless skin with a dewy finish – even in extreme temperatures. What may be considered a 2021 consideration, this refreshing mist also prevents makeup transfer onto fabrics such as face coverings and masks.

Hydra Setting Spray

Thfast-drying formula sets your makeup all day without settling into fine lines and protects your look whether you’re wearing a mask to the shops or running errands in the middle of summer. What’s even better, our makeup setting spray is infused with pea peptides rich in amino acids, to ensure your skin feels refreshed and moisturized. Ultra hydrating, this spray gives a flawless, dewy finish.  

Guaranteed to be a fast favorite, this fragrance-free setting spray can be used whether you’re protecting a full makeup look or simply looking for a lightweight mist to refresh skin between virtual meetings. A true hydration surge for the skin, Hydra Setting Spray will lock in makeup all day – but don’t let that stop you from spritzing whenever you want, it’s a great way to give your makeup and skin a boost after a few hours of work. 


The instructions are straightforward: After applying makeup, hold 20-25 cm away from face, close eyes and spray liberally. When spraying, avoid contact with eyes. However, if you’re looking for super-staying power, our Director of Artistry Pablo Rodriguez recommends you don’t stop after the initial spritz and use this spray to complete your full makeup look 

I recommend a couple of pumps after you finish your makeup, let it set until it’s completely dry, and then do another two to really lock it down.” 

Our Head of Education Mel Barrese has a few recommendations on how to make the most of this lightweight makeup setting spray.  

“For a lasting makeup look, use Hydra Setting Spray at the end of your makeup application for a boost of hydration and to set your look. For an extra boost of hydration and to refresh your makeup look, spritz throughout the day when needed. The formula will give your makeup a boost and a very soft, healthy sheen to your skin.” 

Another reason Mel loves this new product? It’s versatility.  

“Our Hydra Setting Spray is also a great multifunctional product and can be used with any powder product to create a light liquid consistency. I love to spray my makeup brush and then dip into my eyeshadows to create a liquid liner. Once applied, it will dry and set the shadow into place.” 

Hydra Setting Spray and Hydra Veil Primer in blue water

During this time when we may not be applying full makeup looks, our Hydra Setting Spray makes a great facial mist due to its hydrating ingredients. If you’re looking to create a natural, makeup look for working from home, we recommend pairing this spray with our Hydra Veil Primer for a blurred, dewy complexion. Need more? Check out this dewy makeup look tutorial by Mel.

Krista Thurrott

Krista Thurrott

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