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In the next installation of our practice makes perfect series our Head Makeup Artist Mel Barrese walks us through her natural eye makeup tips and tricks. As life returns to normal, it’s time to experiment with makeup again. This week is all about an all-time classic look: the easy smokey eye and how to take it from day to night. 

There are so many different makeup styles when it comes to the eyes. From striking color to cut creases, it can sometimes be overwhelming to master all the eyeshadow techniques if you’ve spent the past few months sacrificing your makeup routine for extra zzz’s.

The following smokey eye tutorial goes back to basics, starting with a soft every-day look then building it up to create something more dramatic. 

The smokey eye is all about blended eyeshadow with no harsh lines. For this look, you will need just two brushes and four products. 

  • Smudge Brush – A rounded, compact brush will allow you to apply the product precisely. 
  • Blender Brush – Designed for ultimate blending, this brush will create a flawless look. 

If you are just getting back into the eyeshadow game, we recommend taking the below steps to learn how to do a smokey eye for anyone who might need the reminder.



The first step when creating an easy smokey eye look, whether natural or more dramatic, is to use our Colouring Eye Pencil in the shade Fidelity. This is a dark, chocolatey brown and acts as a base for your smokey eye look. Draw across your eyelid using small strokes as close to the root of the lash as possible. This application does not have to be neat, as you will be blending this out. 

Makeup artist applying eyelinerUse our Blender Brush to blend out the product by using circular backwards and forwards motions to soften the line and diffuse to create a base for your smokey eye look.  

For under the eye area, you can apply as much or as little as you see fit, whether you are opting for a more natural look or taking it that step further. To give your eye more of a lift, use the Colouring Eye Pencil on the outer corner of the lower lash line, tracing all the way along the lashes to the inner corner. Use our Smudge Brush to blend out and soften. 

Using the Elemental Artistry Palette for both the natural smokey eye and dramatic evening look. Pair our Blender Brush with the shade Tranio and place this shade into the crease, blending out backwards and forwards. Continue with this motion until seamlessly blended. How strong you want this to look is entirely up to you but remember to keep the crease as the darkest shading of color. 

Then using the same Blender Brush, apply into the crease from the outer corner. Use the lighter shade Lear and blend together for a soft transition. 

Next, apply the shade Eponine to the outer corner of the eye in circular motions, gradually moving toward the inner corner. This creates a bit of definition and gives the eye a lift. Then, take this underneath the eye and along the lash line where you previously used the Colouring Eye Pencil. 


Apply our fan-favorite Masquara to your lashes for a boost of volume and jet-black color. Focus on applying to the outer corners to add dimension to the areas where you’ve applied dark eyeshadow. 

Finish off by applying to your lower lashes. 


To complete your eye look, apply concealer to freshen up the eyes and correct the under-eye area. 

Pair our Skin Base Concealer Pen with our Round Concealer Brush and apply lightly under the eyes, blending out and down to give your eye area a natural lift. Avoid going too close to the eyeshadow on the lower lash line. 


Taking this natural smokey eye to the next level only takes a few extra steps. To create an intense smokey eye, use our Blender Brush with our Elemental Artistry Palette with the shade Eponine. Tapping off excess product, pat along the centre of the eyelid, pushing the eyeshadow onto the skin and gradually building it up. 

Then mixing the shades Lear and Tranio together with our Blender Brush, apply directly to the lid and blend upwards. 

Next, use the shade Elphaba with our small Smudge Brush for as concise application as possible. Apply to the root of the lashes using small patting motions. Focusing on the root area, blend it out to the outer corner of the eyelid for a level of intensity and drama.  

Do the same on the lower lash line, blending out and connect to the upper eyelid. 


This next step is optional but will help achieve the dramatic smokey eye look. Use our Colouring Eye Pencil in Sophie to add dimension. Apply the jet-black pencil eyeliner along the waterline to create more intensity and give the overall dramatic smokey eye more depth. 


Add lashings of Masquara to the lashes. This will keep your lashes looking full and fluffy. Pair our Visage False Eyelashes to add to the drama. 


As with the natural smokey eye look, apply Skin Base Concealer Pen to clean up the under-eye area and any fallout product. This will keep your skin looking bright and fresh. Finish off the look by spritzing with Hydra Setting Spray to lock in the look. 

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Ana Joyking

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