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BLACK FRIDAY 2022: 5 Makeup Products You’ll Always Need

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With Black Friday just around the corner, we’re already adding our must-have makeup to our Illamasqua wishlist. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the Black Friday makeup deals, fear not! Our makeup experts have shared their top five products to keep an eye out for. 

Whether you’re looking for an everyday glow, a perfected pout, or an unforgettable festive look, these five favorites will soon be your makeup kit essentials. A combination of Illamasqua cult favorites, our classic icons, and new releases, our experts’ picks will help set your Black Friday makeup shopping off on the right foot. 


To begin, a good foundation has long been a staple in the makeup world. However, many people are looking for a foundation these days that provides a flawless, yet natural finish on their face. A foundation that will make it look like you have amazing skin, not just amazing makeup.


This is where our Beyond Foundation shines through. Our most recent addition to the foundation family, the ultra-lightweight formula leaves your skin looking lit from within with a dewy glow but that’s not the only reason we keep it in our kits. It has subtle finish with a light-reflecting formula infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E that keeps your complexion looking refreshingly hydrated and conditioned throughout the day for that glass-skin finish.

What’s more, it is available in 25 shades across light, medium, and dark, and warm, neutral, and cool undertones. You can find the perfect fit for your skin, making it all that easier to apply and blend the foundation.


For many, a powder sits firmly in the category of ‘handbag essentials’. A powder is not only a way to prolong and press your illuminated skin into place, but instantly mattifies any unwanted shininess that can accumulate throughout the day.


Our skin base pressed powder helps you to achieve that flawless complexion. With a smooth velvet-matte finish, this silky, ultra-fine formula helps to blur imperfections and absorb shine. This pressed powder blends easily to set your base make-up for perfected skin all day. 


There’s no denying that eyeliner has come in leaps and bounds in recent years. What was once considered a complex, time-consuming step saved for special occasions, now goes hand in hand with a sweep of mascara for an everyday look. So by now, we all have a rough idea of how to create a flick and a subtle trace of the lash line, however, how easy and quick this is depends largely on the eyeliner you are using.


The pigment pay-off of our Precision Gel Liner is a must-have for your makeup bag whether you’re a makeup pro or just a winged liner aficionado. By now we may have all realized that not all black eyeliners were created equal. The jet-black finish provided by this water-resistant gel is perfect for a classic 1950s style liner, like Marilyn Monroe, but can also be used as a base or as a mix with other colors.


Adding dimension and accentuating the color of the eye, it’s no wonder that eyeshadow has stood as a cult favorite for as long as we can remember. What’s more, as we become more experimental with our looks, we want eyeshadows that can be bright and pigmented as well as natural and subtle.

Eye Paint Longwear Liquid Shadow

With their lightweight, transfer-proof formulas, one stroke of one of the Eye Paints gives an intensely pigmented matte color or can be blended out for a softer application. It can be worn alone for an editorial finish or as an eye base underneath your precision gel liner.


Of course, this wouldn’t be a list of makeup bag essentials if we didn’t mention lipstick. The cherry on top of every makeup look, a swipe of lipstick across the lips can instantly enhance the complexion, bring you from every day to a night out, or simply pull a look together.


Antimatter’s super-matte sister, our Ultramatter Lipstick is just that: matte. These lipsticks are different than most due to their absolutely no-shine guarantee, yet they don’t feel dry on the lips. They also come in great colors, from deep-blood red to soft neutral pink.

Seeking a look that will stun this season? After you’ve finished adding our experts’ top picks to your wishlist for Black Friday, check out this bonus tip for using Precision Gel Liner and our other eyeshadow favorite, the Skyrocket Artistry Palette in an unexpected way.  

BONUS TIP: “If you’re using Precision Gel Liner as a base, apply your powder eyeshadow just before it’s dry – when it’s still a bit tacky – and it will grab the pigment, add a 3D dimension and make it extralong wearing. The Skyrocket Artistry Palette is perfect for this. With the Precision Gel Liner as a base, the pastel shades are next level, making them more metallic.” 

Don’t forget to sign up to our waitlist for early access and to keep an eye on what’s to come this Black Friday!  

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Josie Wilkins

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